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An Extra-Large and Cross-Lingual Evaluation Framework for Word Sense Disambiguation.

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Transformer-based architectures brought a breeze of change to Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) improving models’ performances by a large margin. The fast development of new approaches has been further encouraged by a well-framed evaluation suite for English, which allowed to keep track and fairly compare their performances. However, other languages remained mostly unexplored as testing data are available for a few languages only and the evaluation setting is rather matted. In this paper, we untangle this situation by proposing XL-WSD, a cross-lingual evaluation benchmark for the WSD task featuring sense-annotated development and test sets in 18 languages from six different linguistic families, together with language-specific silver training data. We leverage XL-WSD datasets to conduct an extensive evaluation of neural and knowledge-based approaches, including the most recent multilingual language models. Results show that the zero-shot knowledge transfer across languages is a promising research direction within the WSD field, especially when considering low-resourced languages where large pretrained multilingual models still perform poorly.


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XL-WSD is distributed under a non-commercial license. This is a human-readable summary of (and not a substitute for) the license (you should read the full terms and conditions of the XL-WSD license before using the material).

If You belong to a research institution, You are free to

  • Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format by making it available only to research institutions (alternatively to sharing the offline indices under the above conditions, and much simpler, a link to the BabelNet website can be provided for download of the official data).
  • Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material, provided that you make explicit that what you release contains or “is a processed version of XL-WSD [APPROPRIATE_VERSION_HERE, e.g. v1] downloaded from, made available with the XL-WSD license (see”. Alternatively, a link to the XL-WSD website can be provided for download of the official data and code for the creation of the Adaptation can be provided to any user. XL-WSD is distributed by a CC BY-NC Licence. Please refer to the full license for read all terms.